Sol Cal Window Tinting Commercial Products:

Increase Productivity
When the workplace is comfortable and well-lit, employees are happier and productivity increases. Window film allows visible light to come in while reflecting most of the UV radiation and heat.

Enhance Privacy
Window film can make your work environment aesthetically pleasing at the same time it increases your comfort level. Privacy window films will allow you and your employees to see outside while blocking the view of passer-bys and outsiders.

Protect Glass from Vandalism and Graffiti
Don’t replace expensive glass doors and windows damaged by graffiti vandals. Invisible graffiti film with an aggressive adhesive is nearly invisible once installed and provides a removable, sacrificial surface that can reduce or eliminate the need for expensive glass replacement. Installation and replacement by professionally trained staff is quick and easy, avoiding the disruption caused by window replacement. If you do fall victim to taggers, the film can be easily removed and replaced without damage to the glass underneath.

Save on Energy Bills
“Energy costs represent 30% of a typical building’s annual budget and is the single largest operating cost.” (BOMA-Kingsley Quarterly/US EPA Energy Star)

With an average payback of less than 3 years, solar film controls overall operating costs, balances building temperatures, lessens carbon emissions and reduces the load on your HVAC system which prolongs HVAC life.

High Quality Commercial Films

Neutral Films
Neutral Films are designed to be invisible. No dye means a lifetime of clear glass. Ideal for the customer who wants heat and glare reduction with a soft, neutral appearance.

Dual Reflective Films
Dual Reflective Films are best when heat and glare are a primary concern. These films reflect more on the exterior and less on the interior; perfect for uninhibited day and night views.

Reflective Films
Reflective Films are recommended for areas with excessive heat and glare issues. Used to achieve the greatest total solar energy rejection, these films are more reflective on the exterior than a neutral window film.

Ceramic Films
Ceramic Films are ideal for store fronts where outside-in visibility is greatly desired. Ceramic films create a higher light transmission while still keeping out a substantial amount of heat.

Graffiti Films
Graffiti Films are applied to protect. A clear, thick polyester film applied to the exterior of a storefront or building to provide an invisible barrier from etching. These films are a must for anyone who needs graffiti protection without the hassle and expense of glass replacement.