Solar Control

Sol Cal Window Tinting Residential Solar Control:
Steve’s Professional Window Tinting

Quick and Easy Installation
Our friendly experts provide free in-home estimates and consultations to walk you through the process from selection to installation. Vista Window Film is professionally installed with no mess, no hassle and minimal to no disruption to activities at your home or business. With Vista, you can be assured of a comfortable and beautiful living environment.

Reduce Glare
Let the sunlight back into your home. Sol Cal window film reduces glare by up to 87%, making it easier for you to see your computer screen, watch TV, and enjoy a visiting with family and friends without having to sit in the dark. Open the shades, blinds, or draperies and let the sun in!

Protect Belongings
Untreated windows allow the harsh rays of the sun to come in and damage or fade fabrics and furnishings in a home. Sol Cal Window Tinting will help protect your belongings by screening out up to 99.9% of the UV rays that cause fading. Using Sol Cal window tinting will prolong the life and preserve the color of your furnishings, artwork, woodwork, fabrics and carpets.

Lower Energy Bills
Most homeowners fail to realize that windows play a vital role in the home’s energy efficiency allowing solar heat to enter in the summer months and home heat to escape in the cold months. Windows typically account for 26% of the total heating load and account for 32% during the summertime cooling load.

A cost-effective way to cut home energy loss is to upgrade existing windows with the installation of Vista™ Window Film by LLumar®.

Everyone wants to save money. By using Sol Cal energy saving window film, you can reduce your energy bills by up to 40%. How does it work? Treating windows with window film can lower heating and cooling expenses by rejecting solar heat gain in the summer, eliminating hot and cold spots inside, and helping to prevent heat from escaping in the winter.

Sol Cal Window Tinting Solar Control Window Ting

**Wavelengths 280-380nm